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Ansell AlphaTec
Sold as a pair



The AlphaTech is the biggest selling chemical glove for Ansell in New Zealand. It combines the chemical resistance of the Sol-Vex® 37-175 glove with Ansell Grip Technology™ to enable users to handle wet or oily objects with less grip force and more control.
This unique combination of liquid-proof chemical resistance and grip, together with flexibility and dexterity, makes the AlphaTec glove the logical choice when working with chemicals.
The AlphaTec is used in the following industries:

Automotive and transportation
Metal fabrication
Machinery and equipment
Oil, gas and chemical
Building and construction
Defence and first responder
Agriculture and viticulture


AS/NZS 2161 – Occupational protective gloves
EN1149 – Antistatic
EN388 (4121) – Protection against mechanical risks (Abrasion, Cut Resistance, Tear Resistance, Puncture Resistance)
EN374 -Gloves Giving Protection Chemicals and Microorganisms
EN374 (JKL) – >30 minute breakthrough time for Saturated Hydrocarbons, Inorganic Base, Inorganic Mineral Acid

Sold: 6 pair/bag, 12 bags/cartons
Cuff: 356mm
Colour: Black / Green