$126.50 excl. GST

Oil Only Spill Kits are specifically designed for hydrocarbons based spills including petrol, diesel and oil. Absorbs up to 25L of oil spills.



Oil only spill kit in slim line waterproof carry bag, ideal for vehicle storage.
Contains specially treated polypropylene absorbents that repel water but absorb hydrocarbon based liquids including oil, petrol and diesel.
Absorbs up to 25L.
5 x SpillTech® Oil Pads 400gsm
1 x SpillTech® Oil Pillow
2 x SpillTech® Oil Sock 1.2m
1 x P2/N95 Disposable Mask
1 x Pair Chemical Gloves – XL
1 x Comet Safety Specs – Clear
1 x Breathable Laminate Coverall
2 x SpillTech® Waste Disposal Bags
2 x Cable Ties
1 x SpillTech® Instruction Card
Spill Kit Refill Code: SKO25-R