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Chemical Spill Kit uses specially treated polypropylene absorbent designed to absorb a wide range of aggressive chemicals. Spill Kit absorbs up to 240L of a chemical spill.



Chemical spill kit that can be used with aggressive chemicals.
The wheelie bin is easily identified as a spill kit and should be placed in a prominent position near where liquids are stored or used.
Absorbs up to 240L.
100 x SpillTech® Chemical Pads 400gsm
5 x SpillTech® Chemical Socks 3m
4 x SpillTech® Chemical Socks 1.2m
5 x SpillTech® Chemical Pillows
1 x P2/N95 Disposable Mask
1 x Pair Chemical Gloves – XL
1 x Comet Safety Specs – Clear
1 x Breathable Laminate Coverall
2 x SpillTech® Waste Disposal Bags
2 x Cable Ties
1 x SpillTech® Instruction Card
Spill Kit Refill Code: SKC240-R